Video showing proper VNT movement


Gadget Guy
Sep 29, 2003
La Conner, WA
... None :S
Years ago I recorded a video of my VNT actuator moving. You can see it here:

Matt98AHU just installed a new KKK BV-39 turbo onto my car, and MAN is it ever nice! You can see in that video that back in 2008 my VNT's movement wasn't all that great, and more Michigan winters didn't help it. Watch when it sucks down and you can see it gets hung up about 1/2 way. With the new turbo boost control is so vastly improved. The car also feels like it has more midrange power... perhaps because in non-full go pedal applications this turbo actually makes less boost, so there's less back-pressure.

The new video is here:

Hope that's helpful for someone!