VCDS and Taillight coding


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Sep 17, 2010
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Finally got around to really figuring out how to do adaptations on my MK7 with VCDS. I wasn't used to the UDS protocol, so I didn't know to use the search function in the adaptation tab to help me find what I needed. It beats trying to search through 2600 channels. With search, I got my windows working from my Keyfob, and decided to try some taillight coding.

I wanted my inner taillights to act just like my outer tails. It bugged me that they were just running lights. I found some coding for what I wanted on, thought I'd try it out, and it works great. Now both the inner and the outer work as running lights, turn signals, and brake lights.

Here's the coding. Be sure to log your adaptation channels with VCDS first. I doubt you'll have a problem--and honestly reading back through the csv file will give you a headache--but it's nice to have in case you adapt the wrong thing. Italicized is the original value Bold is the new value

Left Inner Taillight
(4) Leuchte23SL HLC10 - Lichtfunktion A 23 – Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht; Positionslicht; Begrenzungslicht)Brake light (Bremslicht)
(5) Leuchte23SL HLC10 – Lichtfunktion B 23 – not activeBlinken Links Hellphase
(6) Leuchte23SL HLC10 – Dimmwert AB 23 – 28100
(8) Leuchte23SL HLC10 – Lichtfunktion C 23 – not activeBlinken Links Dunkelphase
(11) Leuchte23SL HLC10 – Dimming direction – CD 23 – maximizeminimize
(12) Leuchte23SL HLC10 – Lichtfunktion E 23 – not active - Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht; Positionslicht; Begrenzungslicht)
(14) Leuchte23SL HLC10 – Dimmwert EF 23 – 028

Right Inner Taillight
(4) Leuchte24SL HRA65 - Lichtfunktion A 24 – Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht; Positionslicht; Begrenzungslicht)Brake light (Bremslicht)
(5) Leuchte24SL HRA65 - Lichtfunktion B 24 – not activeBlinken Rechtss Hellphase
(6) Leuchte24SL HRA65 – Dimmwert AB 24 – 28100
(8) Leuchte24SL HRA65 - Lichtfunktion C 24 – not activeBlinken Rechtss Dunkelphase
(11) Leuchte24SL HRA65 – Dimming direction – CD 24 – maximizeminimize
(12) Leuchte24SL HRA65 – Lichtfunktion E 24 – not active - Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht; Positionslicht; Begrenzungslicht)
(14) Leuchte24SL HRA65 – Dimmwert EF 24 – 028

When you search, just put the name of the lamp--i.e. Leuchte24sl--in the search box, and it'll bring up all related channels. There is lots of good info on Golfmk7 about how the lights work, and one user named DV52 has a document that explains it like a scientist. The options on an MK7 are really cool. I wish I could code the tails on my Passat to work the same way.
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Aug 19, 2009
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I've done this, can't say how it looks as I've never followed the car.

Bigger fan of high beams with fogs, even with OEM bulbs well worth the 10 min coding.


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Feb 11, 2005
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Yep - I've done that, too. Bi-xenon flipped open, high beam bulb, plus's almost like driving in daytime. :)


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Oct 23, 2005
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I had fogs set to stay on with high beams and reverted back to stock. When you need high beams, you are trying to see far down the road. Having bright fogs shining on the foreground washes out that distance vision. I couldn't get it reverted fast enough.