Vag com login codes


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Dec 6, 2003
Well,,,no replies to my earlier post so I quess I'll have to keep trying on my own..
Does anyone know where I can find the login codes for Vag com...It says use the factory manual. I assume that was the Bentley, but alas,there are no login codes in it..Maybe the CD version????
But that's not available(backordered everywhere).
This is pXXXXXing me off..
The VW dealers are about as helpful as a kick in the nuts...
Andy at Ross Tech is looking at my problem,,Hopefully he comes up with a thought or two....


May 9, 2001
Knoxville, TN
Login codes are a thing of the past my friends. Yes, the fine folks at VW have blessed all of your local VW dealers with the wonderful Guided Fault Finding (GFF) that does all the thinking so the tech doesn't have to. With GFF in place, there is no longer a need to list ANY login codes in the VESIS that dealers pay $$$$$ for every year.

There are different login for different things. What are you needing to do that requires login? A login is needed to flash an odometer. A login is needed to activate/deactivate cruise control. A login is needed to be able to recode an ECM. Each of these uses a different login number.


Aug 6, 2004
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there are so many login codes and most of them are very special for very special controllers and very special functions, it's very hard to make a list with login's because they may work on one car, but not on the other one.

an example is the cruise control activasion in early motronic mk4's... login is 00003 for that... but ONLY in that special case...

you may better request a special function then we can look up if there is a login possible, or if this function is not avialiable anyway.


I allready answered your MFA thread so see there and get the answer you asked for.


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Jan 17, 2010
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golf3 1,9tdi 81kw
i am also searching for login code,...i dont know how i was able to turn on auto lock doors(46 central conv module)now i cant turn i need a login code or help of someone to adjust it...Thanks...
where can i get Factory Repair Manual (login codes)for my car vw golf 3 1996 1.9tdi afn ,and golf mk4 1.9tdi (agr,alh)????