VA (DC Metro) Jetta TDi M6 $13k


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Oct 5, 2010
Arlington, VA
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VA (DC Metro) '09 Jetta TDi M6 $13k

This is a feeler for interest in my clean 2009 Jetta TDi approaching 97k miles. I am expecting to get about $13k, vs. $12k trade or $15k NADA retail, but I might be willing to negotiate a little. I bought this a year ago and it looks and drives almost like new. [the original owner made me swear and] I have continued to maintain it with the right oil and changed the fuel filter regularly. The only things I have done are to add the Factory Nav unit and OEM 17" alloys. The 16 inch stock alloys are available for snow tires or whatever, and I might be willing to replace the original stereo and wheels and drop the price a bit. This engine has a 120k TB change interval BTW.
This is the most affordable example of the CRD TDi, which I realize does not have the cult-like following of the older models, but it is an amazing vehicle and I hope somebody in the club is interested. The car is not perfect, but it looks great inside and out [pictures will follow, or please PM me if serious]; it has a perfect carfax no accidents or problems.
Why sell the perfect car? At risk of providing TMI, the car is just slightly too small for me, I have arthritis in my neck and it is painful to get in and out of. I have been taking my tape measure to check out other cars and the Jetta has only about 29" from the seat to the top of the door opening, and my body needs at least 30 apparently. The good news, I will be getting my third TDi soon, without resorting to making the Jetta a convertible.
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