Upon Arrival at the Fest:


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Feb 4, 2002
hooksett, nh
'11 Jetta TDI
1) Check in to your room, of course.

2) Check in with Fest Staff. On Friday, this can be done in room 2007 or the Courtyard during the meet and greet. The rest of the weekend... use the agenda to try and track us down. When you check in we'll give you your goody bag which contains all the information about the weekend you could want, your name tag, and a few other goodies. Raffle tickets and Fest Schwag will be available for sale from this time on as well. The raffle items will be on display all weekend in the staff meeting room, #2007.

If you haven't yet paid for the fest, please be ready to pay now. The only part of this weekend that is not done at or below cost is the registration fee, and that fee goes DIRECTLY to supporting the site. So please don't make us chase you down, ok? I seem to have come down with the mongolian death flu in the last few days, so i'm barely equipped to hold a conversation at this point, let alone chase you down. And that's certainly not the point of this weekend for any of us, is it?

3) If you're planning on racing at F1, remember to bring non-open toed shoes.

4) Have a great time! I'm sure I'm forgetting something but if it comes to me I'll be sure to add to this list later. Staff members can be easily located, we'll be the ones in the white shirts who clearly haven't had much sleep.