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Update On P20EE CEL Code On Fresh From VW TDI "Fix" Touareg

35 Yr Dsl Veteran

Veteran Member
Jul 19, 2019
Ft. Pierce & Lake Placid, FL
2012 Touareg TDI Sport
Background: The very next day after purchase of fresh from VW TDI "fix" and approx. 250 miles, CEL light came on, on my 2012 Touareg. I reset it with my scan gauge. After a few days and miles it came back on again. I reset it. Then on the way to VW for another reason, it came back on again, so I had VW check it. They said my DEF pump wasn't putting out enough, according to code thrown. They tested the pump, and said it passed test. They reset the CEL and I went on my way. It came on one more time, and I reset it.

The update: It has been quite a while since CEL came on, so I conclude the problem fixed itself, simply from use, and the vehicle sitting at VW for 2 years awaiting "fix" must have caused the temporary problem. :D