UK Spec 2016 Jetta SE BlueMotion TDi


Feb 26, 2019
London UK
2016 Jetta SE Bluemotion TDI 2.0
Here's a VW UK publicity pic of the 2016 Jetta SE TDI, in Platinum Grey Metallic (a £450 option). It's the same as my car, so saves me the trouble.

Note steering wheel on the wrong side, this model also had the chrome trim around the windows blacked out and was the mid-spec for that model year. No fog lights, and the car has the older style non-LED DRLs.

The license plate isn't current for the year, but seems to be used solely for the shot. No idea why they would put an LHD plate on a RHD car.

Car in the shot has the then current 'Euro' GB blue tags on the plate. We're about to be banned from using these in Europe as we revert to 'a small island off the coast of France.'