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UK Sale Mk2 Golf TDI Conversion with dash and VR6 Suspension


Veteran Member
Mar 14, 2004
Great Britain
Audi80tdi, A2 ahf project in progress...
Hey everyone,

Sadly I have to sell my Golf project that I have been building for the past 16months. This is due to a recent driving offence which is leading to a ban and forces me to sell both my Golf and daily hack the Audi 80. I have moved in to a new flat and there is no where to store them especially if I’m not going to be using any of them for the next year. This is a very special car indeed and nothing like this has been build in the UK yet. This engine is capable of 220bhp with a remap and larger injectors (which I have but have not got round to fitting yet) in its current spec (currently around 130bhp). If you do not believe this then you obviously don’t know what a TDI engine is or capable off so this car is not for you. This car was made to be a street sleeper, sounding like a diesel and capable of blowing most things off in sight as it will have ~350lbs ft of torque once remapped. I have just completed this car and have drove it for roughly a month to wear the engine in after its rebuild and make sure everything is ok. Everything works perfect and I have a full 12months MOT on it and 6months tax. Anyway before I continue here is the rough spec of the car and work that’s been done (there’s so much I will miss out from custom little jobs that I can’t remember doing to little parts that I have ordered from VW):

Engine Spec:

  • 1.9 TDI engine code AHF 110bhp
  • Fully rebuilt head with 3angle valve seats and mild gas flowing
  • Modified pistons reducing CR to around 17:1
  • Lightened and balanced Golf G60 flywheel on new uprated Sachs VR6 clutch
  • Modifies Allard intake manifold with custom EGR delete section
  • Modified exhaust manifold running GT22V turbo
  • Manifolds fully port matched
  • Custom 2.5” down pipe and side exit exhaust
  • Japanese big front mount intercooler
  • 2.5” stainless steel intercooler piping with custom MAP flange and boost nipple
  • Forge Motorsport silicone boost hoses all round in black
  • Big boost pipe clamps not the crappy jubilee clips that don’t hold
  • Rare non-AC bracket for alternator and PS pump – eliminates AC compressor
  • Custom MAF in cased in Audi S3 housing
  • Full set of new gaskets everywhere
  • New timing belt, tensioner, all idler pullies and water pump
  • Full mk4 wiring harness running throughout the car – no mk2 wiring at all
  • New Mk2 GTD radiator with custom plumbing
  • Kenlowe fan
  • 3bar MAP sensor
  • All new engine mounts and ALL correct brackets for conversion
  • Battery re-located to boot with heavy duty cables and gold terminals and new Bosch battery
  • Full custom stainless braided turbo oil hoses not cheap clip onesm- these are proper Aeroquip fittings and lines which cost a fortune!
  • In tank lifter pump
  • Rebuilt alternator
  • Mk4 coolant expansion bottle
  • ECU mounted under scuttle panel on original Mk4 bracket


  • Mk4 TDI gearbox and Mk4 cable change shifter box fitted
  • Mk4 hydraulic clutch pedal box with custom clutch line
  • VR6 driveshafts


  • Full VR6 suspension setup all round consisting:
  • New front VR6 wishbones and bushes
  • VR6 front anti-roll bar
  • VR6 rear axle running mk4 rear alloy callipers with new discs and pads and both bearings
  • VR6 280mm front brakes with new discs and pads
  • All callipers painted silver in high temp paint look like new
  • VR6 hubs
  • Full Bilstein suspension with new bump stops and G60 top mounts
  • VR6 alloys and VW locking wheel nuts
  • VR6 steering rack with custom pump lines and mk4 reservoir
  • Mk4 solid brake lines throughout
  • Mk4 ABS system fully working!
  • Mk4 brake servo (huge) and master cylinder
  • Castrol DOT 5.1 racing brake fluid

  • Fully functional Mk4 dashboard with full loom
  • Fully functional climate control (less air con)
  • Toad Ai606 Cat1 alarm with total closure and shock sensing
  • 42Draft design gauge pod with VDO boost and Exhaust gas temp gauges (most important on TDI)
  • Mk2 GTI 16v interior
  • Electric Windows
  • Remote central locking
  • Full custom fitted Mk3 pedal box and steering column

  • Full GTI 90spec big bumper trim
  • Side exit custom 2.5” exhaust system
  • New ‘Golf GTD’ badge
  • Door lock armour plates

There are so many parts that I have missed out from new bolts, clips and panel that aren’t worth listing but cost an arm and leg! I have literally spent over my annual wage on it! What I want is a good home for this car and an owner who can appreciate what it is and how unique it is. I am very knowledgeable with VW’s and TDI’s and have built this car with great care and attention. This is no way bogged together or rushed! I have taken a very long time to perfect everything I have done to ensure reliability and performance. Quite literally the car can start over again at 0miles as everything has been removed overhauled/replaced as appropriate incl engine (which originally only covered 68K miles on the clocks). The car pulls like a train with no smoke and with its lightweight body will return well over 50mpg!

However, I’m not saying this car is perfect. It’s not. The paint is original hence it’s not perfect nor has it got a matching bonnet (thanks to my neighbour and her Range Rover). Viewing is welcome but the car is not insured hence it is not road legal because of that so it is on my friends drive. This is a very reluctant sale but I have no other choice as I do not have the place nor the money to store it until I can drive again.

More random pics of the project at http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a87/antontdi/

Looking for offers around £4,000. My number is 07933902817 and antontdi@hotmail.com email.