TURN IT ON! Fixed Interval Service Reminder


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Feb 24, 2008
2015 Golf TDI Comfortline 6spd
ok Im going to resurect this thread again.
I have done my old Jetta MY 2001 without issue, now I try the Golf MY2002 and says that channels 40-44 must be done in that order starting with channel 42 and yes the cluster is coded 02 for fixed interval witout sensor, but says "ERROR" "not accessible" when I try to adapt it???

any ideas?
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Mar 29, 2006
Kitchener Ontario Canada
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Great idea this service reminder. My kids have no clue when to bring their cars to me for the service. This should help a lot.
So, I tried to do all this. 2003 TDI 5spd GLS, coded for Canada, I used VagCom to code the cluster to 0, fixed interval no sensors.
Then I went to 42. Error, not available. So I went to 43, changed it to 16 from 15 because the manual says change oil every 16,000 km.
Then I went to 44, put in 365, it was already at that.
Went to 40, put in 200 because it was 1995 km from the last scheduled oil change.
Went to 41 and put a 60 in because it was around then that I changed the oil.
Tested each time, worked, so I hit save.
Did I do everything right? Why was 42 not available? Is it a problem that 42 wasn't available? How do I know it worked? Is there any way to tell, or must I wait till the mileage hits 414,000km and see if the reminder comes on?
Any help appreciated.