Trans issue


Jun 16, 2021
Des Moines, IA
2013 Jetta 6spd
Driving home in my newly acquired 2013 Jetta tdi manual, well kept with 79k on the clock, and new clutch etc under two years ago.

issue- driving home, 6th gear 55mph, coming to a light, pressed clutch, shift to neutral, but the shifter is sloppy. I press the gas and the engine revs, like it’s not in gear, and I continue to try to find a gear to no avail. Coast into a parking lot. Cars off, shifters sloppy up and down, can’t put it into reverse. I start the car, but now the car is in 6th gear? When I let out the clutch, it bogs down, so I guess I found a gear when I crept to a lower speed.

I removed the shifter boot, and some plastic bits look worn and broken for sure. I checked under the hood next to the battery where the other linkage is, but couldn’t get a good look. I’ll post pictures when I get home

Tomorrow I’ll pack some tools with you alls advice and work on it some, or tow it to a place here in central Florida.

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