Tow Dolly for Jetta TDI

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Aug 22, 2000
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I've moved out of our NC home and now have the Florida Condo and Edith II, a 26' 1978 GMC motorhome -- my rolling renovation project.

I'm wanting to pull the Jetta or Sue's handicap conversion van behind. I'd tow four down on the Jetta, but the van is a standard transmission and I don't want to disconnect the tranny every time I trade vehicles, so I'm looking for a tow dolly to pull the car/van.

The coach has 6 wheel brakes - disk on front and four drums, one on each of the rear wheels.

I've looked at Tow Master & Kar Kaddy & a few other brands of tow dollys. I've also given some serious consideration to brakes on the dolly and tend toward surge brakes for safety sake.

Any of you have experience towing a car with a tow dolly? Suggestions and appreciated.

BTW, I'm on the road, so I'll check this thread and my email every couple of days.

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Sep 29, 2001
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I have a Kar Kaddy with surge brakes,it works great.I would normally recommend the brakes,but maybe with your motorhome you don't need them.I figure if the brakes save you once they paid for themselves.Be sure to measure your vehicles to make sure they will fit on the dolly.Even test fit before buying.It's not a problem going straight but when you turn the deck swivels and the dolly fenders can rub on a wide car.