Thoughts and stuff about the GTG !!

Gary Miyakawa

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Feb 24, 1999
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In my Honest Opinion, We need to come up with a catchy name for this thing... Ideas ????

Also, I think we need to make a good T-shirt for it... 1st Annual North American TDI Performance Assembly... (that sucks...) anyway, you get the idea!! Someone with a creative mind, give it a go!!


Also, Bugout is in Manassas on Sept 3rd.. I don't think that will effect our get together....

Once we get the "final" information together, I'll send it to Kathy Jacobs who is the president of the SE VW Club. ( )... I'll get her to put it in the calendar...

Stealth TDI

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Feb 13, 1998
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Funny, I just started a thread about the T-shirts. Regarding the Manassas Bugout, this could temp a few people to leave early. Perhaps a group cruise to the Bugout and subsequent TDI Invasion is in order.

Name... how about "Oilburn 2000?" I know something better will come up.

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Apr 11, 1999
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TDI Clubs "Fuel Efficiency Fest 2000" could catch on with the media. With a Mission Statement expousing the combination of real world comfort and performance, with the mind boggling fuel efficiency of the TDI.

If that doesn't grab ya... "1st annual TDI Orgy" could work.