Third brake assembly removal/ washer nozzle inspection


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Mar 15, 2005
Columbia, SC
2015 Night Blue Golf TDI SEL
I noticed that washer fluid is barely dribbling out when engaged; I have found washer fluid in my spare tire compartment.
There is nothing on line about this problem.
What I'd really like to know is how to remove the third brake light assembly so I can inspect the hose to nozzle attachment.
Any one know how to do this?


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Jun 18, 2005
2011 Golf TDI 6MT
I had the very same issue last year:

It was a pain to remove all the panels and the 3rd brake light would need to be removed if that's where the leak is. Chances are however that the break is right where mine was. which is right inside the rubber conduit between the hatch and car body on the right side of the hatch.

The 3rd brake light is a royal PITA to remove. There's something in the service manual about how to remove it. A set of trim removal tools should be able to pop it out. Go SLOOOOWLY around the brake light (it'll make some nasty noises in the process).