Thinking about a MB W211 CDI


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Apr 25, 2006
Austin, Tx
2013 Touareg TDI
Hello all,
I drove a friend's 05 E320 CDI a while back and am considering one as a second vehicle. The plan would be to keep my 360k+ mile Jetta as a commuter and roadtrip vehicle, and have the benz as the nicer car when warranted. The Jetta is just getting to the point that I can't justify cosmetic costs (glove box door, cracked windshield, door cards delaminating, clear coat oxidizing on a couple resprayed panels, etc), though it is fine for racking up mileage. All of the expensive mechanical stuff has been replaced relatively recently, and it'll still pull 50+ mpg on roadtrips.

My main questions about the MB are along the lines of how similar is the home mechanic experience to our TDIs? Is there a MB equivalent to VCDS, beyond what can be done with the display built into the car?
I've done some work for that friend, and know about the sensotronic brakes, "black death" injector seal issue, and ZF transmissions. Anything else I should know?

Thanks for any insight,