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Jan 11, 2000
I wanted to list some of the winners of the various items at the fest while it's still fresh in my feeble mind. I hope everyone felt like a winner for attending, I know that I did. By my calculations we had over $5000.00 in prizes, I know there is alot of questions on the various things we have been posting. The Show winners were recorded by Jonathan Bartlett, he's going to need to post a seperate thread as Ripster has done for the race winners. Fred and I were dealing strictly with entry numbers and not handles or names, so I have some blanks here, bear with me.
The prizes for 1st place at the show were divided into 3 catagories. A4(Jetta, Golf) NB, and A3 & B4. The awards for 1st place in each catagory were certificates of $450.00 in parts at Bob King VW!
Peoples Choice: Birdman,_________
1st Place Jonathan Bartlett, $450.00(Jonathan donated it to be auctioned for Fred's benefit)
2nd Place Tomo366, $250 certificate
3rd Place Ric Woodruff, maintenance kit(oil filter, air filter, case of syntec oil)

1st BG, $450.00 certificate
Honorable mention: Karl Roenick, NB Roof Rack
2nd:Gary Miyakawa, $250.00 certificate
3rd:Jim Williston, Maintenance kit
Special Mention:Morris Carpenter, Dash trim kit.

1st: Gassingerhard, $450.00 certificate
Honorable Mention: TDIRay, Upsolute upgrade
2nd:ITTRAD&EMS $250.00 certificate
3rd: Driv'nEZ, maintenance kit.
Special Mention: Cars wanted ___________

Childrens drawing: Josh Butler son of CarolinaGolf
Radio Controlled Beetle

Help me out here Jonathan, we gave some other things away I know.

Ripster has posted the race winners, they each recieved a $50.00 bill, a trophy, and a TDI badge(red D, red I)
1st place Jonathan Bartlett
riv'n EZ
3rd: JP (EMS)
Slowest: Tazz, Wett certificate. (Tazz donated it to be raffled)
1st:Gary Miyakawa
3rd: GarrettP

Most Inovative Modifications: Turbo Steve, $50.00, Trophy
Farthest Traveled: Gassingerhard, $50.00, Trophy
Best Milage: Brussels Belgium, $50.00, Trophy

1st: VWYankee, $100.00 upsolute certificate
runner up: ITTRAD,EMS $50.00, Griot maintenance kit.
DEAD ASS LAST) Gassingerhard, trophy.

Smokin TDI (Bill Pallo Won a Vag-Com system donated by Uwe Ross value $200.00 for parts and software, advice, priceless. Thanks Uwe!

$100.00 certificate from Atlanta Performance parts house, procured by Gary Miyakawa, help me out here Gary. I wasn't taking notes and we need to acknowledge these sponsors. I also did not record who won, step forward please.
$50.00 certificate from the same firm.
Wett certificate donated by Tazz(via wett) $550.00 value won by Driv'n EZ.
3 gallons of Delvac1 donated by TDI Believer
1 Gallon of Delvac1 to Ms Daizy (Susan)
1 Gallon of Amsoil Donated by Turbo Steve
A pillar guage pod donated by yours truely.
2 sets of pump and cam locking tools donated by PartsPlace for VWs.
Custom made coco mats donated by Griots
$25.00 Gift certificate donated by Griots
Set of Winter floor mats donated by Bob King VW
Set of B4 mats donated by Bob King VW

3 special awards:
Karl Roenick, FOr his dedication to helping others and his great attitude Karl was selected by Derf and the Moderators as this years (and the first) BUG*PWR recipiant in memory of our departed but not forgotten friend. The prize was an Upsolute upgrade.

Skypup, Doctorate of Diesel Technology, for his efforts and accomplishments in the advancement of diesel performance. Trophy

Derf, A trophy stating the appreciation of all the members of this forum for his contribution to us all.

I know I have forgotten plenty, please fill me in on the details and I will edit the post appropriately.
I would like everyone to take the time to compose an email expressing your appreciation to Richard Trask the general Manager of Bob King VW, they really went the extra mile for us, I would like them to be able to print them out and post them in the dealership. His email address is

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Jan 11, 2000
Mickey, you have no idea how much I wanted to meet you and wished that you were there.
I even Had Garrett make up a Name tag for you with the TDI artwork that I will be sending you with your Barb, Epsilonian sticker.

Driv'n EZ

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Aug 22, 2000
Soot Belchin, USA
Thanks to all who organized an absolutely wonderful week end. You made every person there feel like a winner. The greatest prize of all was getting to meet the likes of Fred, Rene, Tom, Jonathan, Omar, Bruce, Ripster, Garrett ... and so many more who contribute so much of themselves to the TDI community. Thanks guys for a winning weekend.

Driv'n EZ (David) & Ms. Daizy (Susan) 2K Jetta GLS TDI silver/black /lux & 6 pk CD


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I left the list of winners from the show portion with Driv'n EZ so that the photos could be matched up with the names. I neglected to keep a copy of the names and goodies and catagories for myself.


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Mar 16, 2000
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Everyone who was fortunate enough to attend was a winner! Great company, great advice, sharing, great comorodory! Thanks Rene, Ripster, and all others including numerous contributors of prizes, time, and talents for a great get together! Feel Bob King VW did more than there share of support. Thanks to everyone who shook the trees for the prizes. It would have still been a great weekend without the prizes, the bountiful prizes just mounded icing on the cake!

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Driv'n EZ

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Aug 22, 2000
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Thanks Jonathan, I just want to state publicly that I could not have lost to a finer gentleman. It was most gracious of you to suggest a rematch after you blew my doors off on the final run. You prepared well and drove well. You deserve the prize of fastest stock car at the Fest. I consider myself honored to be alongside you at the START of the race. I had a lot of fun. U da Man.

I emailed everything I had on awards for the car show directly to Rene. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help get it posted from this end. It looks like Rene has most everything already updated at the top. Just a couple blanks. Mrs. Derf has the complete listing, she and I got together at the track and went over our lists together. I hope they are both enjoying a much deserved vacation on the eastern shore.