The Pioneering Performance GTB2260 Emporium


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Nov 27, 2004
cape cod, ma
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I want a 2060 one really bad. Just no time and money.. maybe next summer...


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Jun 16, 2008
Sturgeon Bay, WI
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Any updates?
Very interested in Pioneering Performance's GTB2260VKLR for my rebuild but awaiting your review of the performance haha!
Unfortunately things didn't go according to plan and I haven't gotten around to installing the turbo yet. There are a few other people that I've seen on Facebook that have purchased this turbo setup from Pioneering Performance and have been happy with it, of course I can't remember their names.

It's winter right now in Wisconsin, so I won't be installing it until after all the snow melts and the roads are clear of any salt that got put down.

If you can't wait another 4 months for me to install my turbo, email Adam and see if he can put you in touch with one of his customers that bought one of these turbos to see how they like them.