The Dirty stinking EGR


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Feb 24, 1999
I am now at 30,000kms, which is 18,750 miles for you who are not metric (yet, heh heh). I pulled the rubber tube between the EGR unit and the intercooler. and took a peek.

What a sight! As repoted here elsewhere, the EGR is dishing up a ton of crud - sorry, my son is away with the digi camera else I would have had good pictures, hopefully next time. Suffice to say from the EGR to well into the intake manifold had a layer of crud 3mm to 4mm thick. I was amazed at this amount at such low mileage.

I removed the EGR assy. for cleaning, then used a vacume nozzle as far as I could into the intake manifold.

EGR removal: You need a 5mm and a 6mm hex key, long if possible. A big slipjoint pliers to remove the hose clip.

Disconnect EGR vac line by solenoid - you must push it off with a flat screwdriver blade. Mine was very tight. Also disconnect the "butterfly" valve vac line.

Remove the big rubber hose between intercooler return pipe and EGR.

Remove the two 6mm screws holding the flex pipe to the bottom of the EGR assy. Remove one completely from the other end of this pipe (water jacket side), and just slacken the fourth. Swing pipe out of the way.

Now you have access to all of the three 5mm screws holding the EGR assy to the intake manifold. Carefully remove them, holding on to the EGR assy when the last screw is taken out.

Putting everything back is simply the reverse of the above.

Cleaning: I used a tooth brush, Varsol and a popsicle stick. Carb cleaner helps to remove the varnish.


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Oct 5, 1999
Nice instructions.

Thanks to Mickey's advise, I fixed the CCV/PCV and the EGR long ago at about 1000 miles on the odometer. I watched the check engine light for 5000 miles until Valois found the cure for that too.

Prevention is easier.


Jan 11, 2000
The fix is the #3 horse in the 5th race.
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