Thanks to everyone who donated!


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Feb 4, 2002
hooksett, nh
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None of the events this weekend would have been possible without the donations recieved from the many friends of We had just an incredible amount of support and we're very grateful for every bit of it. Here's a list of it all:

<ul type="square">[*]Total Lubricants USA - Three cases of ELF 505.01 oil
[*] (danix) - A Set of Bilstein TC's
[*]Kerma - A set of four injector nozzles
[*]metalnerd - Three $100 gift certificates to, about a billion of the very cool wrench keychains
[*]Bentley Publishers - $200 in gift certificates, an open house tour complete with dinner, and a technical presentation by Art Lebrun
[*]Pencilneck - A seat-back camera mount, Tshirts, stickers, and a few other things I can't even remember
[*]oldnavy and Stanco Machine - 3 CCV filters and two A4 engine cover kits
[*]Rocketchip - One rocketchip ECU upgrade
[*]Impex - 2 ALH filter kits and red "TDI" badges
[*]Ross-Tech - Hex-Com and Software
[*]Dieselgeek - A4 short shifter kit
[*]Greg Lundy & Lube Specialist - Primrose Fuel additive, Fumoto Drain Valve, and a CAT fuel filter kit
[*]Shine Racing - a rear swaybar kit
[*]Upsolute - $150 gift certificate
[*]Brookline VW - 10% off parts for the month of september for all members
[*]Burke Fuel - six $25 gift certificates for b20
[*]Sheraton Braintree - 7,000 Starwood points
[*]Roseland Technical Services - A4 Filter Kit
[*]Dennis Pantazis (sinneD) - TDI Hats

If I've forgotton anyone please let me know! My mind is like a soggy waffle at even the best of times and if I've forgotten you, please don't be offended.

Extra thanks goes to the Sheraton Braintree for giving us a fantastic rate on the rooms, being incredibly accomodating all weekend long, and being a big part of making the entire weekend possible. The simple act of allowing a tanker truck of bio-fuel onsite was above and beyond, and that's just one example of how great they were to us. I highly recommend a Sheraton or other Starwood property to next year's organizers.


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Oct 17, 2001
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Thanks Jeff for donating one of your chips, it might be a while before I get it into my car, but once I do I know I'll enjoy it.

Derek, are there any of those metalnerd keychains still floating around? I kept meaning to grab one but kept getting distracted.


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Nov 14, 2000
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I grabbed most of the leftover keychains and will post them for sale tonight. Proceeds (minus actual shipping costs) will go directly to Fred's TDI general fund.