Thank you!


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Jan 14, 2007
Steeds, NC
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Hi! Just want to thank Fred, the Organizers, and their Support for pulling an excellent TDI Fest OH8 together. Your hours of work paid off - Dean & I had an excellent time. We enjoyed the Speakers' information. Running the Road Rally was a first for me; ending at the Red Stewarts' Air Show was a bonus. Thanks TeDeEye Fred for all the pictures to help us remember the pilots' hair-raising dare-devil stunts! The hotair balloon lift was cool.
We returned to the Airstrip the following morning for the Pilots' Breakfast, and got to see some great airplanes (1, 2, & 4 seaters, Cessnas, Cubs, etc) and a Gyro-copter up-close.
Cesar Creek State Preserve provided us with a great hike.
Being with and talking with so many other enthusiatic TDI'ers made 9 hours of driving a worthwhile weekend! Great to see Newbies & ... not-Newbies;) :) too!
The Banquet was so much fun! Can't wait for 2009's TDI Fest ....
Thanks again!
Kristina & Dean