Thank you VikingRob and MerkGuitars once again


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Jan 20, 2006
Rochester, NY
Used to own a 2002 Jetta TDI - Black/Black
Rob and Merk;

Thank you both for your wonderful hospitality the last few weeks. Rob, you saved me AGAIN when you told me where the nearest dealership was, and who should be there but Merk working and thank you so much for the coolant topoff. My coolant light had gone off while driving around and I was worried that I'd have to deal with an unknown dealership and person. Merk recognized me before I recognized him, and he was more than helpful in explaining where the min/max lines were on the tank.

For those of you who are wondering what the heck I'm doing up in those parts, I've been traveling to Delavan, WI and Minneapolis, MN on work trips from Rochester, NY. I met up with Rob and Merk at a GTG where they were working on their cars at the GTG, and each of them has become a good friend. Rob took time out of his work to go out for a spin and listen to my wheels at the GTG.

Not to quote Peter, Paul, and Mary - but I don't know when I'll be back again. I can say there will be at least one more time, but I don't know when or for how long.

For those of you who think people aren't helpful in times of need, there are people out there who are. Rob and Merk are two class examples and once again, I owe you guys.

Minneapolis and St. Paul holds a special place in my heart for several reasons, among them that a special person lives there and also that the Minnesota Twins Triple-A farm team is the Rochester, NY Red Wings.

Thanks !!!

Bruce T. Moose

PS - Go Twins and Red Wings :)