Temp light questions


May 21, 2022
Centralia Wa
2001 1.9
I have a 01 Bug. I was given this car due to a bad alternator. I fixed that problem and started driving the car. The first the car over heated and the light turned red. I drove the car home and filled the fluids up. Took it back and it over heated again light was red. Came back added more fluid. Never over heated again. But light stayed blue. So I went for another spin and after about 20 minutes . Light was blue but started blinking. Pulled over check fluids and light stayed steady but blue. After a little while light started blinking again. I checked codes but forgot to write the numbers down but said temp sensor shorted to ground and something about locking something. Does the light change colors the car warms up and what could be the issue and if it is the temp sensor where is it at. Can car be driven until fixed?


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Nov 10, 2013
Lawrenceville PA
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Blinking blue light...problem with cooling system
Steady blue....car is cold (normal on start up) the light goes off when car reaches normal temp
Blinking red...low coolant
Steady red ....overheating

If the blue light doesn’t go out the car is not reaching operating temp. Change out the thermostat, use an oem not a $5 Amazon chinese piece of junk. Idparts has oem and even some good aftermarket thermostats

If the light is blinking blue try changing the temperature sensor.