TDIFest Tshirts sold out

Are you interested in ordering TDIFest T-Shirts for delivery after TDIFest

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    Votes: 7 70.0%
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VW Derf

Staff member
Jul 3, 1996
Richmond, BC, Canada
2010 Blue Graphite Pearl Golf Variant
Two weeks ago when we ordered the T-shirts we thought a 15% buffer would suffice, but we were wrong. All you last minute registers have gobbled up all the remaining t-shirts and we won't be able to get anymore in time for TDIFest.

At this point we are trying to determine if there would be enough demand to make the minimum reorder for delivery after TDIFest. The cost would be $20 for short sleeve and $22 for long sleeve. Please fill out the poll above in order for us to assess if there is enough demand for a second order. If there is enough demand we will be collecting payment at the registration desk.