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Sep 23, 2001
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I spoke with a couple of guys at the Edge diesel drags last night, and a couple of other guys seem interested in putting something together for next year.

Drag racing, road course at the new Miller track, Dyno testing, Biodiesel, all that stuff should be easy.

Let's GTG some SLC locals and talk about putting together a proposal. I can be reached at 435-830-5970 just about anytime but best is evenings and weekends.

Maybe next weekend at my place?


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Nov 24, 2003
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Drag racing, road course at the new Miller track, Dyno testing, Biodiesel, all that stuff should be easy.
Great idea. One thing to look into. (We too looked into some track time) But, the track has huge liability issues. Be sure and actually check with them to find out what they will require. Insurance policy? Release waivers? General Cost/fees? Things of that nature. Just some things to check into.
Sounds like a good basis though and I'd love to come and check out that portion of the country. Made it as far as Yellowstone and Aspen/Vail/Breckenridge areas. I'll be a "spectator" this go round

Good Luck!


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May 28, 2003
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I can't make it. I have to help my parents move in the afternoon and in the morning I have something scheduled as well. Sorry.


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Jun 20, 1998
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The track/competition doesn't necessarily have to be TDI'fest sanctioned/sponsored to be incorporated into the 'fest.
The 2001 fest was held in mid-September specifically to allow attendees the opportunity to race on the salt under the USFRA banner. There was also an SCCA autocross that weekend.
The 2003 fest in Toronto also had an unofficial track day at Mosport on the Monday following that fest. The track day was official, but it had nothing to do with the TDI'fest.
The 2002 Michigan fest had the show and shine at a local drag strip. Some raced that afternoon during the strip-scheduled "Run what ya Brung" event held each weekend. There was also a SCCA autocross scheduled for the Monday following the fest at the Grattan track.
These competition events were not part of those year's official TDI 'fest events. Individual 'fest attendees had to make the arrangements with the other event organizers.
The number of TDI'fest attendees that actually competed at these non-fest events was pitifully small. There would be no way that the few of us could have ever justified the expense needed to make a fest-only competition event.
The Boston 04 fest organizers recognized that the numbers of competitors among the fest attendees had been historically quite small. We suspected that the concerns about damaging the family's car during an event was enough to dissuade most competitors. We made arrangements to rent a track and vehicles to avoid this possible area of concern. We had reserved two hours of track time but cut that back to one when the response wasn't sufficient to warrant the second hour. We additionally let attendees know of other regularly scheduled competitions (drag racing, autocross) in the area that were not part of the official fest activities, but in which they could compete with their own cars if they so desired. I don't believe any 04 'fest attendees took part in these other events.
Track competitions appear to appeal to only a few as participants with a slightly greater number of spectators. Don't obsess that your proposal might not accomodate any high speed driving competition. It seems that as a group our interests are on other things.


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Feb 3, 2005
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You and I talked at the Edge event and I thought it would be a great idea as well. My life has been a little crazy lately and I should have some free time in February

Just kidding. Maybe sometime in October?