TDIClub user/password info hacked.


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May 22, 2008
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I received a scam email telling me that my computer and router had been hacked and all the disgusting porno I watch will be sent to everyone in my address book. lol. At least that's what I think it said - it was in Katakana and Google Translate is sketchy.

Their evidence is the login email address and password I use for this site exclusively - the scam email was sent to my TDIClub email address that I use nowhere else.

So while the email is a scam and a lie, it clearly indicates that this site's user database has been accessed, and furthermore that this site stores passwords in plain text, not encrypted. This is a terrible practice and should be remedied immediately. I'm guessing that security updates have never been applied to this site.

I'd advise anyone who uses the same login/password on this site and others to change their passwords on those other sites immediately.

If you receive a similar email, disregard any claims they have of accessing your router or computer. It's just a scam to get you to pay up some Bitcoin. And if their threat of exposing your disgusting porn habit worries you, well then stop watching such disgusting porn :D


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Aug 11, 2002
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I received an alert from a monitoring service (spycloud) that my email address was found in a large dump of leaked email addresses and passwords. In that alert, the plaintext password associated with my email is one that, to the best of my knowledge, I have only used here.

So, yeah, change your passwords.