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May 1, 1999
I was looking through my archives and found a draft copy of a presentation I delivered at TDIFest 2002 in Michigan on the subject of TDI performance enhancements.

The final version has been lost forever since it resided in a laptop hard drive that got subsequently formatted, but I managed to find the draft, meaning it's an earlier, incomplete version. Nonetheless, I promised at the time of the presentation to post the file, but never got around to doing it for almost 6 years! :eek:

Although being 6 years old, most of the fundamentals have not changed, so I thought it would be useful to post it anyway. But just keep this in mind if some things are out-of-date. Funny to see how, although much has changed over this time, so much has remained the same.



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Aug 16, 2004
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You're right. Not surprisingly, the fundamentals haven't changed. What is a bit different is that airflow and fueling mods have gotten more important as we've gone further up the performance curve.

What I also wonder, as my wagon piles up more miles and simultaneously gets more mods, is what is the impact of the additional stresses I'm putting on an aging engine. Since I rarely use all the power it can produce I guess I'm at risk that some point--when I am running full fuel and 26 PSI--something's going to give. With luck I'll do some rebuilding prioir to that.

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Jan 30, 2001
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That is a great read, Meister! It should be part of the updated TDI FAQ for Performance! It has enough info for the newbies that want to learn about TDI Performance and lays out the basics in simple, easy to understand language, which is very important to those that are new to TDI's. Great job! :D

I've bookmarked it for future use as a link to reply to newbies asking the same old questions like "What chip should I get?" or "What should I do first?"