TDI 'How To' Clinics Make Debut!


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Jul 30, 2002
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In addition to this year's Tech sessions, we've come up with a new idea that will involve more of you getting your hands on your cars.

While we do not encourage wrenching at the Fest, we realize that as a whole, this group is a hands on kind of group. Therefore, we are working on arranging 'clinics' where 'experts' will show/instruct you how to change the lightbulbs in your car (including the pesky fan speed bulb in the A4's), perform a ventectomy, and why you should look behind the front wheel well covers just to name a few.

We will be looking for random cars of all models to come by for quick demos on these and other topics. This should come together Saturday afternoon, after the go carting adventure and before the brewery tour Saturday night.

Look for further details as they develop!:)