TDI Fans – I got $76,098.73 for my 2015 A6 TDI with 146,179 miles


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Dec 6, 2017
Long Island
2015 A6 TDI
Big props to Audi of America. In what may be the last of Audi’s “diesel buybacks,” I just sold my beloved 2015 A6 TDI with 146,179 miles back to Audi. I received a total of $76,098.73 from Audi/Bosch. I only paid $75,519.72, including sales tax, when I purchased the TDI back in 2014. So I actually received more than I paid for the TDI in 2014. Not only were the nearly eight years and 146,179 miles of ownership “free to me,” but the amazing torque of the TDI put plenty of smiles on my face over the years. I used the TDI and Audi’s buyback payment as a trade-in on my factory order of a 2022 A6 55 Prestige with the Luxury Package and the Black Optic Sport Package. Even in this day and age of so-called “market adjustments,” Audi priced the 2022 at 6% below MSRP. Needless to say, Audi treated me incredibly well on both ends of the transaction. After waiting nearly 13 months due to supply chain issues, I finally handed over the keys to my TDI and took delivery of the 2022 a few days ago. While the 2022 is amazing, I believe it will cost me more than my old TDI! LOL

Big thumbs up to Audi’s customer resolution and retention team and how they handled the buyback of my TDI. I can’t overstate how well I was treated by Audi.

Thank you Audi!

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Oct 19, 2017
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Shoot, makes me wonder if I should trade mine in now.... Lol but then I'll miss the diesel.