tdi conversions and model types


Nov 2, 2005
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is there a summary of body types? i get confused when i hear a3, a4, b4 etc. reason i ask is that i am considering getting a cabrio and unbolting the front subfrmae and placing the subframe from a DIESEL golf or jetta and then just replacing the harness from the diesel into the cabrio. I realize some Cabiros came with power tops, so that may be an issue. Question #1 is are teh cabrio and jetta and/or golf the same car underneath (for the same year that is)? 2nd question is i have a 90 corrado AUTOMATIC (yep very rare), did they make ANY automatic diesels for that chassis (ie the golf, jetta,etc of that vintage) thanking in advance. gord in soon to be wintry ontario canada


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Sep 5, 2001
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do a search on the site. Someone linked a good Wikipedia article in response to this question in the last couple of weeks.