TB Change Tip


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May 31, 2000
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It's been a while since I read these threads. I see there are still problems with TB changes and most of the replies are to double check the pump. This has been the case ever since I started on this board.

I did my first TB change years ago and it took me nearly as long to adjust the pump as it took to do the entire TB job!

Here's what I learned from that job: check the timing before you start the job via vag com. If all is good then do the following (and all should be good):
  • find TDC and lock the pump with the pin. Verify the lobes are up and that the flywheel is in the correct position. When you verify this, the pin will slide right in. There is no need to loosen the pump bolts!
This has worked every single time on '00, '01 & '02 that I worked on--I have done 9 TB jobs.

The great thing to see how great of a job you did is by using vag com at the end and seeing that the timing is exactly where it was before you started!! Not to mention the time and aggrevation you saved yourself by not fooling with the pump adjustment. The pump adjustment should NEVER need to be adjusted when doing a routine TB job.

Have fun:)


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Sep 5, 2001
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My Golf has 210K miles on it. I never had to adjust pump timing at the two timing belt changes it has had. It was dead on both times.