TB Change Tip #2


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May 31, 2000
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Here's another tip for PS fluid change:

  • Do it at the end of the TB job while the front end is still on jack stands--this takes all the pressure off the PS unit
  • Have 4 liters of PS fluid on hand
  • Disconnect the low pressure line from the rear of the PS reservoir and plug or cap the hole in the reservoir. I have a setup just for this job. It's a used radiator hose with a hose clamp. The radiator hose is clamped to the PS hose and run into my waste bucket. This way, I don't have to fool with the used PS fluid until after the job is complete.
  • Remove the reservoir cap and have an opened bottle of PS fluid ready. Have someone in the car start the car and start turning the wheels lock-to-lock while you pour the fluid in--this is the only time you should go all the way to the lock!!
  • CAUTION: This is a very fast process!! During this procedure, the person in the car will need to stop the engine 5, 6 or more times because YOU DO NOT WANT THE PS UNIT TO RUN DRY!!!!
  • Buckle everything back up and you're almost finished.
After you put the wheel(s) back on, remove the jack stands and lower the car, don't forget to check the PS fluid level. When you did the flush, the car wasn't level--this is why you have to check the level.

You check the level with the car off. The engine can be hot or cold but not warm. If checking when engine is cold, you want the fluid at the lower line and the opposite when hot.

A little game I play is to see how little fluid I have remaining in the last bottle after I get the proper level. It's a pain to go back to the stealer for another liter especially since you'll only use a few mLs.

This was done several times on '00 & '01 TDIs.

Have fun:)
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