Taking suggestions for buying newer TDI


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Feb 19, 2016
North Carolina
2004 Jetta 1.9L
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I'm putting my '04 Jetta TDI out to pasture since I can't seem to fix the A/C myself. I had thought it was just the blend doors, because that had been an issue for years, especially during the cold winters, but when I finally went in to re-cover them, I suppose I didn't reconnect the Climatronic or whatever correctly and now the Temperature lever sticks to one side and it all still blows out warm. I feel exhausted and ready to move on. Although my precious beast is only at about 222,000 miles right now, it has a slippery transmission, as well.

A lot has happened with VW over the years, but my heart is still enamored with the TDI, and I promise to be better to her this time. I'm hoping I can get some guidance on what to look for in a newer model TDI, probably Passat, say around '14-'18. I don't want to go into the local dealership like a complete jackass, so I'm referring to this trusted community for aid. Thank you.


Aug 7, 2020
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14 Passat TDi SEL Premium DSG
I just bought a '14 Passat TDi. Purchased it from a small dealer in the middle of Illinois. So far I love it. These Dieselgate vehicles are a steal right now. Mine is an SEL Premium with 61k on it.
You will get a nice emissions warranty too. Paid under 10k for mine out the door. I would imagine, depending on the mileage, one could be purchased between 10 and 12k. Heck, Jetta's may be cheaper if that is what you are going for.
Hard to go wrong for the money. Good luck.