Take my foot off pedal engines dies!


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Mar 8, 2013
Midlothian, Il.
'05 Passat TDI
I have searched and searched this forum to no results.
I have (2) 2014 Passat’s CKRA, my wife said the car felt like the trans was going out?
I am amazed that I have not had one repeat problem with these cars, always something new!
My 2014 Passat it starts up runs great, if you put it in drive and give it gas it will try to move, the rpms are between 600 and 1000 max with the pedal smashed.
Once you take foot off pedal it dies.
the obdeleven says mass airflow P010100 could that be turbo?
There was another code 01342 but I
and Engine control 2 was not responding, according to the OBD eleven, which is control unit 11.
I have replaced the fuel filter, and took off the throttle control which was clean ? the piece above that had very little carbon buildup.
Still I used a mass sensor spray to clean it out.