Suzuki Samurai ALH swap


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Oct 6, 2017
Saint Cloud, Florida
03 Golf, 00 Golf, 02 Beetle
When I got the Toyota axles for this build they had 5.29 gears with a spool in the rear and a locker upfront. I swapped the front ring and pinion for a 4.10 gear ratio and I have been looking for an open 4.10 for the rear. With no luck finding and open 4.10 rear I did find a 3.73 elocker for the rear. So I figured what the heck lets go elocker. The axle housing needs to be modified to allow the elocker to fit. As it just so happens we just picked up a mill. Time to put it to the test. After tracing the gasket on to the housing and a little work with the mill I now have a rock assault axle the will take an elocker. I'm having a 4.10 ring and pinion put in now and then it will be almost read for the street.