Sunroof drains. I was warned. Got bit.


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Oct 28, 2018
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A couple of weeks ago our 15 wagon suffered the dreaded water on the drivers floorboard. Battery was almost completely dead, just enough to unlock the car. When I opened the door, there was several warnings on the indicator panel, water puddle on the monster mat. Ideas ran rampant in my mind. Got to trying to charge the battery so I could remove the Kerma tune and get it to the dealer.

Needed to purchase a new battery, it wouldn't charge. Got a larger one from a DIY here. Thanks Costco. Pulled the tune, found a picture of where the front drains were, removed the spider flaps, water pored out. BTW they are way up under the plastic cowl, and need to remove the drivers side wiper arm. Removed the fuse holder cover by the left knee area, that was full of water. Could see no water on the fuse panel or relays, but overnight the battery would drain down, resulting in no start.

At that point I knew it needed to go to dealer. Off I went. During the drive there I got multiple warnings for emissions failure.

They ended up drying everything out, multiple relay connections were water coated. And filled the DEF for me. Cleared the rear sunroof drains.

Lesson is if you have the sunroof, remove the drain flaps. Period. Brothers car ( same year ) is on my list to do.


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Feb 16, 2000
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Aug 6, 2007
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I have a slanted uphill driveway and if I back in, ALL of the water that enters around the pano goes to the front left drain. I learned that the hard way (just like OP). So I pull in forward. Problem solved now.Any leak doesn't drench the fuse box, wire bundles. The VW tech was about to replace the DEF module in front of the glove box just before he discovered the soggy mess.