Sudden improvement in mileage

ranger pete

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Jul 29, 2011
2011 JSW 6MT
'11 JSW 6MT

Bought in mid april with 55K miles.

Have had a very steady 42-43 mpg since. Might have done 44 on an all hiway trip a few months ago.

The last 2 fillups have been 46, 44.

If anything, I have had more city driving.

Current mileage is 73K. (Yeah, I drive it a bit for work).

Could it be the warm weather?

I did rotate the tires around the time the mileage increased. Could that possibly have an effect?


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Aug 7, 2018
2013 Golf TDI
Tire pressure adjustment can make a difference in mileage. Warmer weather can also due to the reduced time for the engine to reach operating temp. There are a certain amount of miles a diesel gets better. My 2006 F350 didn't really begin to really loosen up until 90K. Fuel milage began to inch up after that.


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Sep 27, 2005
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I could see an increase in FE from an increase in heat generated air pressure, I have the new fangled digital air pressure gauge and it is fairly close.

There is a sweet spot between the FE pressure and loss of ride quality pressure.

I run as much as I can without affecting ride quality, cause I live in the country down a dirt road. I use the wear pattern as a true test of air pressure level. If its too high you will see it in the middle of the tire thread.

Hope this helps..