Stubborn p2004 p2006 codes: fixed!


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Jan 20, 2009
Boulder Creek, CA
2014 Sportwagen TDI
Hi all. I have spent 8 months getting my intake codes to clear. Dieselgeek bracket and tech support did a good job helping me with my p2015 code.
What followed was p2004/p2006 flap stuck open/closed.
I figured the plastic linkage arm was binding on the flap arm. In certain positions, it felt like the plastic arm was getting stuck. I bought a bunch of washers, spacers and e clips from Ace. I made a washer sandwich to help keep the plastic arm on the ball of the flap arm.
The ball is under the plastic linkage arm in this photo.

I used:
two washers: 17.13mm o.d. 6.80mm i.d.
Nylon spacer: 10.00mm od.5.38mm i.d.
Eclip: 3.8 mm (I forgot to write down the size, it was the smallest regular, non-stainless clip Ace had.)

Slip one washer over the ball on the aluminum intake flap arm, the the plastic linkage arm, follow with washer, spacer then the e-clip. The clip fits onto the spring groove to hold everything in place.

I had the file down a part of the spacer as I the intake is in the way to get a clear path to get the arm back into the manifold area.
Finished product.

I cleared the codes, drove around a bit, checked and still nothing. I made a longer trip (15 miles) up and down hills, long pulls, start and stop, no codes still.
So far, so good. I need to get a smog check, so this may save me the time and $$ to swap a new intake manifold on.
It's silly how none of these parts are available separately from vw. I'll update once I get my smog how this holds up.
Maybe a $3, 1 hour bandaid solution might hold up longer.

Hardest part is getting this clip on and off.
Just not enough space or leverage.