Strange roar after changin cv axle?! Please help . Thanks .


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Sep 21, 2020
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I recently changed the steering rack, tie rods , control arms,struts , ball joints , sway bar links, brake pads , rotors, calipers and it was all over the rd after alignment so I went to out it on a trailer to take it to a diffrent machanic and the passenger outer tie rod fell off , when it fell it busted my cv axle boot . I got a whole new axle from napa but it was smaller in diameter and the machanic said it wouldn't matter it was a good name brand , then I got another alignment. Now the car drives great no clunking great steering and ride no clicking or loss of grease or power steering fluid but it has a rather loud roar to me on the same side . Us ut diferential issue or possible bad hub bearing ????

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Oct 25, 1999
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If the reinstall of the half shaft was done incorrectly, and they put weight on the wheel prior to tightening the axle nut, then the wheel bearing is most certainly toast. Those bearings require the tension of the axle stub through the bearing to hold the bearing together. Without that tension, the inner races of the bearing will come apart, the balls will peen the races in the wrong places, and the bearing will get noisier and noisier until it drives you to replace it. Or until it fails completely, whichever occurs first.



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It could be the wheel bearing, but that axle is suspect too. As a rule don't give up your original VW axle unless you have to. Aftermarket axles are known to cause vibrations. Does the noise change when you turn the steering side to side going down the road? If it does that would be a sign of a bad bearing.
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