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Strange "rattle" 2012 jetta tdi


Sep 3, 2019
Central PA
2012 automatic 6 speed
The daughter's jetta just recently started w a rattle sound that I can't figure out. Before I head into the stealership I thought I'd ask you guys and gals. 2012 automatic 6 speed TDI w 135000 miles on her. Recently when the car is warmed up & she gets into that 35 - 45 mph area while travelling strait and comes off the throttle there is a rattle/vibration that sounds like it is located low on just the other side of the firewall possibly to the middle/right side that w any steering input right or left will go away. I cant feel it through the wheel or gear selector at all and couldn't finding anything loose when I put her up on the stands.
All my years of driving this is the first issue I really am clueless on... it is of course the first VW I've ever dealt with also lol. Since the child bought the Jetta though I've been living and learning every day about German engineering ??
I have a video that you can hear the sound in I just don't know how to upload it.
Thanks for any and all help!!


Top Post Dawg
May 27, 2012
Asheville, NC
2002 jetta Wagon
Heat shields always need checked, especially the exhaust heat shields under the center.
Another that'll drive ya crazy is the sunroof. The torx screws get loose and the frame vibrates. Push against the window to see if it stops.
Occasionally there's something in the glove box that likes to vibrate.
I recommend putting it on jack stands and revving the engine to see if you can recreate the sound.
Lastly, double check that any components in the firewall aren't vibrating.

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Veteran Member
May 25, 2013
Had a look at my bosses Jetta a few years ago as he had the same thing and found a stick lodged between the frame and the heat shield that resonated at a certain speed. Drove him nuts. So I put cable ties on his driveshaft week after