stock turbo for big wheel turbo, somebody


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Feb 3, 2001
somebody wanted to trade a big wheel turbo for a stock turbo, I've just checked dzljet's new two piece exhaust turbo core and it is the same as an A4's core in everyway. So if you still want to trade the big wheel for a stock turbo I can either send you my VNT-15 off the 110 HP TDI with about 1000 miles on it (stock motor no chip) or the new core in trade (95% fitment). Let me know, sorry for the band with, I just forgot who wanted to trade and it took a long time to get the turbo down from the attic. So if you still want to trade away the big wheel I got two choices.

I'm sure that DZLJet's new FMIC can use the big wheel, hence the dig through 50 boxes worth of stuff to find both turbos.