Still going strong


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Dec 29, 2005
Erath County, Texas
06 Jetta, manual. '12 Jetta, DSG
209K miles ... original.

Kerma TDI performance tune. EGR delete. Colt II cam.

Driving home from a trip yesterday, had a hot dog in a Chevy Duramax wanna play (term of endearment, I'm a big diesel truck guy, too) Full disclosure, BIG NW wind in the face yesterday ... to climb a 6-7% grade almost 1.5 miles long (yeah, in Texas! US 67 SW of Glen Rose) ...

he wanted to challenge the little Jetta. I obliged him. He was rolling some serious coal; greenies would have had a conniption fit. I was simply accelerating up Chalk Mountain into the 35 mph wind.

I got caught by a slow mover nearing the top as I couldn't quite clear the Chevy's front bumper before reaching the slow mover and the chevy eased passed ... blowing hard (he was pushing a LOTTA air with his lifted truck)

then we saw his top end on flat ground was something less than my little TDI. He honked. I waved. :)

Oh ... and was getting a calculated 42 MPG into that big wind ... until the "fight" was on. :)

Great little machine.