steering system safety issue


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Aug 19, 2009
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Well in that case how come you're not upset the power brakes losing vacuum boost after 2-3 pedal stabs?

Also going up a ramp in a garage, I'd have to imagine the car still has greater than zero forward momentum, at the point the engine dies, I'd bring the car to a stop and reassess the situation, not roll back uncontrolled into god knows what obstacles all while yelling at the VW engineers.

To each his own.

Also the time I had a dead battery and was late for a flight, I was able to back the 2010 car out of the garage turn 90 degrees into the turn around spot then turn the wheels down our hilly driveway, (thus completing a 180) only to pop the clutch 3/4 of the way down and got the car running before running into the road. I was able to steer the wheel without power assist, yeah it took more umph to do it but no more than any other dead power assisted steering.

BTW I made the flight by 20 minutes.


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Jul 3, 2007
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The newer cars have no VSS... semantics, but just thought I'd point that out. The ABS module distills the average of the four wheel speeds into a vehicle speed signal, and then broadcasts that information across the CAN bus to whatever modules would like to know how fast the car is going. Engine, transmission, cluster, airbags, navigation, headlamp control, radio, steering, climate, etc.
As far as assist with no engine running while rolling backwards.... that would be a really strange "what if", and if you are going to qualify that as a condition in which some backup system is needed, well.... I got nothing for you. :(
Thanks. Valid point about the VSS signal. Coasting backwards fast enough until the steering controller is commanded back on would probably never be something most people would even try.

One thing I'm sure of though. Nothing drives in reverse faster than a rental car.