Steering problem.


New member
Jul 16, 2021
Audi a3 8p 2.0 tdi BKD
Yesterday my battery died and a friend of mine came and helped me jump start my car. After that I went for a short drive and noticed the steering wheel is trying to turn itself right. My alignment is perfect plus I didn't touch anything and also I did the whole front suspension recently. So I tried with the VCDS and I can see when the steering wheel is in the center the steering angle sensor G85 says its 16 degrees. It's really frustrating to drive and fight with the steering wheel and also if I let the steering level itself the ESP is trying to fix something that isn't happening. So for now I have to drive with ESP off and fight with the steering wheel. I tried every procedure on the internet. It just wont center the sensor and and the wheel just keep trying to go where the car thinks it's the middle. Please help :cry::cry: