Static cornering lights do not work on auto setting


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Mar 15, 1999
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Took my car in because I thought it was leaking coolant, and I asked them to look at this issue as well.

Good news - car was not leaking coolant. Pink icicle was from something else.

Bad news - "We can't diagnose this issue because it's light out. We can tell you it does work when the headlight switch is on. You might have to bring it back when it's dark or something. Unable to verify concern." That's just dandy - knowing that it's now daylight savings time and it's NEVER DARK when the service department is open :rolleyes:

Frankly, if I wasn't so busy on Saturday when I took it in I would have told them to just throw a book on the dash to cover the sensor and try it, however I needed to get on with life. Maybe I'll take it back next weekend.

I'm sure they hate to see me roll up - I'm picky as all hell.


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Sep 27, 2000
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Sounds pretty lame on the part of the dealer. It doesn't speak much to their diagnostic abilities if they can't defeat the dash light sensor!


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Sep 3, 2014
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I had zero idea about cornering lights until I discovered them tonight. They definitely work on auto mode on my 2015 sel.

I've randomly seen a single fog light on while stuck in traffic. I can see it in reflections of the car in front of me even when my steering wheel is straight. I always thought it was due to my aftermarket headlights but maybe it has to do with the cornering option?


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May 15, 2014
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So, I'm a big fan of the cornering lights, but just noticed tonight for the first time that both of the fog lights illuminate while in reverse! Also, I just have mine to be enabled in the "on" setting and not in "auto". Let's me choose if I want them or not, don't use "auto" that much since it kicks the lights on so fast after going under bridges / clouds etc.
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Dec 7, 2019
2014 Passat TDI SEL
I have a VCDS and I can confirm that with all the bits set as defined earlier in the thread the fog lights as cornering lights doesn't work when in Auto mode but they do work in "on" mode.

I've written my dealership to see if there's a way to fix this so that the cornering lights turn on in auto mode. I'll update when I hear something more.