Starting When At Operating Temp.


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Nov 30, 2004
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At 140,000Kms check engine light came on. VW dealer after many false diagnoses change the injector pump. Since then the engine is hardto start when engine is at operating temprature. I have had it in since. They have
1. De-coked inlet manifold
2. Changed glow plug relay & buzz bar
3. Throttle pedal.
This work as taken place over 70,000Kms since pump was fitted. I asked them to check the injector pump as I did not have a starting problem before.
I have just had a new timing belt roller & water pump fitted along with TDI club setting spec's by a good VW mechanic. who specailizes in VW. He has check everthing out & suspects the injector pump.
I have since return the car to the dealer They now say that the reason for the poor starting is that compression is very low on #4 cylinder. The car start at -40'c with no problem. I think this is " B U L L "
Any thought on this


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May 21, 2004
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Often hard starting while warm is the starter motor. Could be the battery, or injection timing as well. When warm, the starter motor has more resistance, so doesn't turn as fast, and can be a PITA to start, since you need IIRC 600 rpm to get it going. That's my best guess.


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Nov 7, 2002
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Sounds like they are just coming up with possible solutions without knowing what the problem is (a problem with VW dealers and TDIs).

Hot start issues are generally starter related. Assuming it isn't the starter, I'd say that the timing might be off or something. I know you mentioned that a VW mech did things to club specs, but was this before or after the VW dealer changed the injection pump? If the last thing done was the pump, I'd say the timing is retarded, and that would make the car hard to start.