Starting to build BEW motor to put in Audi TT, Need Some Help.


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Nov 7, 2010
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Hey everyone,

I need a bit of insight on what kinds of parts I should put into this build. Its going to go into a 2004 Audi TT Quattro. I'm going to leave it front wheel drive for the sake of simplicity, but with the Quattro I still get to keep that full rear independent suspension. I might even make this the build thread in a couple of days when I source all of the parts.

I'm looking for something around 250whp, maybe a little less, something that can still be daily driven. I'd like to keep the budget as low as I can.

Engine Internals

Rods: From what I can see, Integrated Engineering makes decent rods for this motor at a pretty good price. They usually make good stuff, correct?

Pistons: I honestly have no idea which pistons I should put into this build as there are no aftermarket ones. Maybe from a stronger TDI motor? Any clues?

Cams and valves: Now I don't even know if cams or valves are going to be necessary, but if they are which ones do you guys recommend going with? Oversized valves necessary too? Again, I don't know if the stock cam and valves would hold up to this kind of power.

Nozzles: Whitbread has some nozzles for sale that are cheaper and offer better flow than the R783's. I found them off one of his vendor threads.

Headstuds: Since ARP doesn't make any for the BEW motors, I had to once again look around TDIclub for solutions, looks like either the PD150 studs or custom fabricated ones by a couple vendors are for sale. What strength of studs would be necessary for a build like this?

I read that Whitbread can source a kit from ryanp. More specifically the GTB2260vk. It looks like everything comes that I would need with the kit, other than the downpipe as it would have to be different for the Audi TT Quattro's geometry. I'll probably just go with a flange and have the downpipe/exhuast fabricated myself.

Would I be able to utilize a PD150 intake with this setup? Or is there any other manifolds that you can recommend? Again, cheaper the better.

Looks like I'll probably go with a six speed swap from ryanp on this one as I'd like to have that sixth gear for economical highway cruising.The wavetrac limited slip diffs look like something I'd like to incorporate as well.

Clutch: Southbend Stage 3 should do the trick I believe. Not sure about the torque figure thresholds however.

For the intercooler, I'd probably go with something off ebay along with piping as I'd have success with those kits in the past with my previous builds.

I'm pretty sure that about sums it up... any recommendations/help/questions are welcome!!!


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if you are rebuilding, go for at least a new cam, maybe a colt cam, or other upgraded cam. replace the lifters. just because, the BEW lifters can be questionable. might as well, get that out of the way.

The turbo, a 2260 is a good turbo for higher HP. anything Ryanp, or Whitbread say is good advice. Whitbread is the MAN!!

The 6 speed is the way to go. a peloquin or wavetrac makes it oh so nice. Clutch is needed. I would get a stock weight fly wheel, and not the TDI specific one. the TDI one is HEAVY!! and will take a bit of nimbleness...

Read up on PD100 or PD150 injectors. I have 150s, and it was a GREAT investment, but with new stuff going on with them, just nozzles might be the trick. I gave up after i purchased mine.

Good luck on this build, and definitely do a build thread..


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Sep 3, 2002
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Whitbread also recently had some PD headstuds made up. So What are you doing with the AWD drive-train? Are you going to use TDI gearing? The turbo choice and down pipe depends on the gearbox you use if you want it to all drop in.