Starting better after recent work


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Jul 3, 2014
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04 tdi jetta
2 items I have observed since doing all the recent work to my car is it cold starts a lot better and less Smokey. It would stumble and sputter for 10 sec or so on a 40 degree or colder cold start. Also I notice even after it’s warm, the exhaust smell is more noticeable. I’d call it a sweet smell almost. No smoke while driving or idling. Recent work I believe could of contributed are TB job, cam, and injector lash adjustment. It’s possible my torsion is a bit changed from before as I had loosened the 3 bolts on the cam pulley. Also the injector lash was set at the old 240 degree setting and is now at 180 degrees. I am planning on getting vag com soon so I will see where my torsion is now. Unfortunately I don’t have the previous setting.