Start and then dies


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Dec 16, 2011
2006 Jetta BRM with 200K
My issue is the VW tdi starts and then will die suddenly unless I give it gas. Once started, it runs great and does not stall. I have read it could be the EGR valve and\or fuel lift pump. If this is true, why is there no codes at all? wouldn't either provide a code? or is it because the failure is mechanical, so no code is triggered?

What is the part number for the fuel lift pump?


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Jan 17, 2016
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05 Jetta
Hi, numerous possible explanations. The lift pump definitely is a likely culprit though. Part number for pump depends on the car and engine code. But go ahead search ebay for your model and you'll find some good aftermarket ones. Also search around here, there are a ton of threads on the subject.

Regarding codes, yeah not everything is hooked up to the ecu so not everything throws a fault. The EGR (ASV), should. But not the lift pump so if you have some air in the line, vcds won't tell you.

Good luck!