Spring 2022 road trip


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Nov 30, 2010
Medina, TX
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After being delayed a gazillion times, I'm hoping to leave sometime this week...

I'm going to head first to the PNW, pick up something I won on ebay (railroad memorabilia that requires a trailer), and on the way back, hopefully meet for the first time @BleachedBora , @03TDICommuter , and some others (maybe @Nero Morg at Aaron's business). My last mini-road trip, I got to meet @Franko6 in person, and LOVED his machine shop.

I think it's looking like a 6000-ish mile trip in all, and I'll be bringing about 120 gallons of cheap Texas diesel with me, so I don't have to pay for overpriced fuel in CA.

Nero Morg

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Oct 19, 2017
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Ooo boy I've made a similar trip before, except if was from Phoenix back to PDX, but took the same route. Drove through all of Southern Cali at 3 am so no traffic! Keep us posted when you'll be in the area, I'll see if I can break off from work.