Spotted: Lew Pavlovich's old Green lifted Beetle!


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Sep 19, 2003
Spring Lake, Michigan
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In Ludington, MI, at the city beach. I first saw this, and snickered:

(pardon the lousy cell phone shots)

When I looked back and saw the "Turbo Diesel" decal on the front fender, I thought to myself, "Hey! I know that car!"

The soot is from RC3 and some phat nozzles, if I remember right. And I would have to think that those nozzles are getting a little tired by now.

Got some battle scars.

It's also sporting Hankook winter tires on steelies on the front (won't last long in this 95-degree heat!), and summer tires and rims on the rear.

Does this belong to a club member? If it does, I think we need a group intervention. :) Maybe we all plan a GTG at his/her place without his/her knowledge.....we show up, wash/clean the car, do some maintenance to it....


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Oct 21, 2003
CedarTuckey, Michigan
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YEP, that is it.

A younger guy named Justin around here bought it from Lew/Lew's brother, and had it for a few years, the last year he had it I helped him with a VNT-17 install, clean intake, EGR gas cooler delete, added race nozzles and a bigger tune, plus 3" exhaust and she scoots!

Then he sold it to another one of my customers who lives up in Morley, now it gets driven Morley to Grand Rapids everyday and back. The current owner has kind of let it go though.