sooty bros, I don't feel so good. Hole in $1000 egr pipe


Sep 3, 2023
2010 Q7 TDI Elite
Gen1 2010 Q7 waaaay out of extended warranty. Yeah so I was chasing an exhaust leak and found it in the flex portion of the primary EGR pipe from the turbo collector.

059131521K Exhaust Gas Re-circulation (EGR) Tube. $1000.

I gotta pass Colorado emissions (nazis) and then California emissions (BIGGER nazis) so this is a serious issue that will obviously NOT be solved with the OEM part this week, lol. Maybe next month. The lower bolt securing this pipe to the collector can not be removed in this universe without also removing the downpipe completely from the car as well as the other EGR pipe and probably the EGR cooler. I think I'm gonna try something nutty to pass emissions, like slather it in exhaust putty then wrap with stainless sheet and a hose clamp :p :p :p :p. Plan was always to do full deletes in a year or so, but that is absolutely not an option right now. Does a diesel exhaust manifold get up to 1500F???
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